App Design

Applications designed to your specification.
Whether its training software or a
mobile shopping solution, we can help.

Any Device

Apps come in all shapes and sizes. If you need a custom PC/OSX application or a Tablet / Phone app or even a hybrid build that spans across all devices, we can help you reach your goal.

  • Mobile

    Native application design, whether you're targeting iOS, Android or Windows Phone, we've got it covered.

  • Web

    Responsive design through and through. We specialize in incorporating the leading frameworks in all our products to give your users an interactive and unforgettable experience.

  • Desktop

    Native or Hybrid app? PC or Mac? We've got it covered. We can develop any custom software you can dream up.

  • E-Learning

    Course Management? We've got experiece in all the major LMS and LRS systems, from SCORM to Tin Can (Experience API / xAPI).

Recent Projects

Below are a few projects we've put together recently. There's no task too big or too small. Each project gets the same attention to detail as the last. Whether the project is for training, internal clients or a yet to be discovered user base, we can help guide you along the way. We've helped develop and publish apps that were merely a concept drawn on the back of a napkin...before we got a hold of 'em

  • IWS Trainer

    iOS app designed to train soldiers on the IWS platform

  • Miles XXI M1A2SEPV2

    iOS app designed to train soldiers on the Miles XXI M1A2SEPV2 Abrams platform

  • WITS Trainer

    iOS app designed to train soldiers on the WITS platform

  • Miles XXI Stryker ICV

    iOS app designed to train soldiers on the Miles XXI Stryker ICV platform

  • Skin Doctor

    iOS app developed to allow users to log and categorize common skin conditions and symptoms to their dermatologist

  • SpotSave

    iOS app developed as a means for small businesses to send and display coupons to a perspective client base

What We Do

Complete project management and design, from concept to release.

Concept Development and Branding.
We'll take your idea and tell you what it'll take to make a reality. We'll draft up concepts and wireframes to get you going on the right track.
Application Engineering.
Whether your application requires a complex backend, a slick front end or both, we'll draft up the tech needed to get your app ready for users. Rather than using a canned approach, we'll design your app with infinite scalability in mind, readying you for the initial hundred users, all the way down to the millionth.
Social Interaction and Marketing.
Want Facebook and Twitter available within your app? Want to spread to users like wild fire? We'll incorporate social sharing and and marketing to meet any demand.
Deployment and Management.
We'll help guide you through the process of any deployment target; iOS, Android, Windows, OSX, Ad-Hoc, we've got you covered. We also won't forget about you when your app's in the wild. We have available retention cycles that give you the peace of mind of having an 'in house' software department without the overhead.